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Styling department


One-hour consultation

Do you need a helping hand to learn how to make better choices during your store trips, taking into account the specificities of your silhouette? The one-hour consultation with our stylists is designed to make your shopping experience easier and to allow you to make choices that will benefit your figure.

This service includes

- Consultation with one of our stylists, opening of the file and evaluation of your needs.

- Analysis of the silhouette 

- Provision of a personalized analysis, advice and rules applicable to your silhouette

Duration: 1 hour

Managing your wardrobe

The ideal solution to optimize the current content of your wardrobe, discover the full potential of your clothes & accessories while benefiting from the advice and suggestions of your personal stylist. 

This service includes : 

- Consultation with the stylist, opening of the file and needs assessment

- Wardrobe sorting: To keep - to give - to recycle etc. 

- Clothing coordination 

- Purchasing recommendations 

Duration: about 3 hours

Personalized shopping

You would like a meeting to discuss what is good for your silhouette, a new need, to discuss your style, to establish an appropriate styling approach according to your needs or simply to obtain some targeted clothing advice in order to make better choices during your shopping trips!

Make an appointment with one of our in-store stylists and we will help you with your needs! 

Duration: about 1 hour 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: 450 - 747 - 3483